Performance for (non)hearing Conflict

Premiere: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 7.30pm (Škrlovec Tower, Kranj)
Reruns: Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 7.30pm (MKC Pri Red Ostriga, škofja Loka)
Monday, December 16, 2019 at 7.30pm (Loški oder, Skofja Loka)

Free admission.

The main theme of the Conflict is the colorful reminder of the eternally recurring conflict between the known world of the hearing people and the invisible world of the deaf. It is an original, authorial project by Domi Vrezec, that integrates demanding and diverse artistic approaches. By implementing the concept of a silent theater, the show is designed to suit different segments of the audience, regardless whether they are hearing or deaf. It does not rely on sign language or on the spoken communication of the hearing, so it does not require the interpretation by its artistic nature. We all have the life opportunity to be vigilant; no matter how good we hear!

The aim of the performance, with which the actors will perform in front of the deaf and hard of hearing audience, as well as in front of an hearing audience, is to raise the awareness about the presence of the people with invisible lifelong communication barriers in their environment. The alternative theater group embarks on a character-driven dramatic experiment with unconventional artistic approaches in the eternal illusion that we humans are capable of waken and even change.

The performance Conflict is part of the programme Nevihtno nebo (Stormy Sky) that is included in the project The Cultural Empowerment of the Vulnerable Groups MUTUNK – My Creativity, Your Creativity, Our Culture, co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

Production: Cultural societies FIGURA and AURIS – MDGN for Gorenjska region Kranj, Zavod Carnica, Zavod O
Script: Domi Vrezec
Directed and dramaturgy: Domi Vrezec
Choreography: Ajda Tomazin
Cast: Simon Skodnik, Maja Sushersic, Martina Rus, Alenka Dobnikar, Stanko Mur, Faton Gashi, Ivan Vachovnik, Vesna Broder, Milena Reichard, Mirko Reichard, Mirsada Ibradzic, Marko Dragos