KRANJ 2025

The concept of Kranj candidature for the title of the European capital of Culture in 2025 is to synchronize the infrastructure of Gorenjska region by developing cultural programmes in the cities and in the nature surrounding them.  Cultural, industrial and natural heritage with modern urban, artistic and creative expressions of Gorenjska cities, which are centered around Kranj is bind to the idea.

Kranj clocks the year around unique art festivals that are fueled by local artistic communities. The cultural content it produces is unique and intertwined with stories of cultural heritage and modern methods of expression. The week of drama, the festival of fine arts, the piano festival, jazz fest, the festivals of modern dance, photography, and pottery, collages and urban culture, art in public places, the country’s biggest celebration of the cultural holiday, and a swarm of small-scale events blend with the region’s big festivities, with the world music, folk music, and chocolate festivals taking centre stage.  The city’s unique range of cultural products and services is drawn from a plethora of microworlds that can develop into resounding and profound European stories.

Kranj’s geographic position makes it the perfect spot for a cultural centre with a great program, as well as an urban sandbox or laboratory where both domestic and foreign creators can experiment with ideas new and old, using new approaches to artistic discourse that is a perfect match for the common European citizen.