Rally of the muses at Parnassus of Carniola

The highest Slovenian awards in culture – the Prešeren Award for Lifetime Achievements in culture and the Prešeren Fund Awards for the excellent work in culture in the last three years – are presented each year at a national celebration, which is held on the eve of the Slovenian cultural holiday.

The next day, on the national cultural holiday, that is celebrated on February 8, Prešeren Award winners traditionally visit Kranj. They stroll through the city, where they are greeted in large numbers by the townspeople and visitors of the town who attend Prešeren Fair. In recent years, large-format portraits have been waiting for them in front of the Kranj City Library, and are also exhibited at the Prešeren Award Winners Exhibition by photographer Tone Stojko at the Prešeren Award Winners of the Fine Arts Gallery. In the evening, the audience at the Prešeren Theater gets to know the Prešeren Award Laureates also from a more personal side at the traditional event Rally of the muses at Parnassus of Carniola.

This year’s awards, the highest awards for an artistic oeuvre in Slovenia, will be awarded to photographer Stojan Kerbler and ballet dancer and choreographer Milko Šparemblek. The Prešeren Fund awards for the achievements in culture in the past three years will be awarded to film director Rok Biček, costume designer Alan Hranitelj, actress Nina Ivanišin, accordionist and composer Luka Juhart, translator Suzana Koncut and designer Nejc Prah.

More information: http://www.gpn.si/2019/en/ and https://www.pgk.si/news/shod_muz_na_kranjskem_parnasi_2020/450.

Welcome to the company of Prešeren Award Laureates!