Endless movie summer

Kranj – Planina – Jezersko – Naklo – Preddvor – Cerklje na Gorenjskem
21 June – 26 September 2019

When the sun goes down, movies start to play. This summer will be full of them everywhere. Across the Gorenjska region, from Cerklje, through Kranj, to the foothills of the Alps where lies Jezersko, projectors will be alternately lit, showing everything from a rich Slovene film heritage to the latest artistic productions. Thursdays are reserved for relaxed evenings at the Vovkov vrt. In the last three Fridays in August the screenings will take place in the blocks settlement Planina, and later turned into the FilmMixer Film Festival, the sixth in a row.

Meanwhile, Slovenian movie classics will play around Kranj. We will celebrate the centenial of renovned Slovene movie director France Štiglič. His classics will be viewed in digitally restored versions and its modern reinterpretations. We will not forget the remarkable filmmaker Boštjan Hladnik and his 90-year’s heritage.

Design: Aljaž Primožič