Prešeren Fair (February 8th)

Time for the romantic of 19th century

On the day of the death of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren, Slovenians celebrate a national day of culture. Since France Prešeren spent his last years in Kranj, Kranj is also called Prešeren’s town. On this day, the city hosts one of the largest cultural events in the country, attracting more than 20,000 visitors each year – The Prešeren Fair.

On that day Kranj assumes the image that the town had in the 19th century. Several traditional and artistic craftsmen present their products and skills on the streets of the historic centre, choirs are singing, Prešeren’s poems are recited, folk dances are danced by groups, street organs are played and the townspeople are walking the streets in their historic costumes. The cultural insitutions throughout the town open their doors and invite people to visit their collections of cutural heritage and art exhibitions, participate in the events for diverse interest and age groups …

It is a tradition on this festival of culture that the town of Kranj hosts the artists and writers who received the Prešeren Award or the Prešeren Fund Award. This encounter carries the name Gathering of the muses on the Carniolan Parnassus.

Welcome to the town of Kranj where during this festival of Prešeren will be the true heart of Slovenian culture.

Photo gallery of the 2019 event

The programme of 2020 event

Source: Visit Kranj